Clinton, TN, USA




SCS was founded on three basic principles:

  1. You are unique.  Being unique, you should never have to
    settle for some system that was designed as a compromise
    to 50,000 other people, complete with its inherent excesses
    and weaknesses.  You deserve the system you want and need,
    not what some marketing clone decided you wanted and
    needed.  This same philosophy pervades our network design,
    installation, and consulting services.  You deserve what you
    want and need.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

  2. You deserve the absolute best your hard earned dollars can buy.
    If you've arrived here looking for some cheap, "slap it together
    and kick it out the door as fast as possible" system, you've come
    to the wrong place.  We don't build those.  We work on a lot of them, but
    we won't build them. If you came here because you wanted to deal with
    someone who takes uncompromising pride in their work and the quality
    of their products, you're in the right place. 

  3. When you're having problems, you need them taken care of quickly,
    efficiently and at a reasonable cost.  With over 32 years experience, there's
    not much we haven't seen, experienced, and overcome.  See our Services
    section for more information.


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