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  Business Systems   

Business systems fall into two basic groups, Servers and Workstations.

Servers - The Swiss army knife of business - The machines that keep everything
humming along.  The five basic types of servers are:

  • File Server - A fairly simple machine with massive storage space, allowing for
    centralized storage of common files, workstation backups, personalized space

  • Web Server - Originally little more than a low powered File Server hooked up
    to the Internet, today's Web Server has moved far beyond its humble roots. 
    From E-Mail to SQL, from Streaming Video to E-Business, today's Web
    Server, whether working alone or as part of a hive of servers, has found its
    role expanded.  Consequently, the Web Server of today must incorporate
    all the features of the other servers, without grunting.

  • Domain Server - Responsible for the security and settings of all the systems
    of the Domain, the emphasis on this machine must be reliability and security. 
    With the limited number of calls the average Domain Server must answer, it
    doesn't need a lot of horsepower or storage, just stone block reliability.

  • Database Server - This is the power hog of the server world.  The Database
    Server must not only act as a File Server, a limited capacity Security Server, and
    an Application Server, it must also have the processing power and free memory to
    handle many database searches and relational computations quickly. 

  • Application Server - A glorified File Server, the Application Server is a central
    repository for shared applications on the network.  It takes a little more horse
    power to run one, but the real difference is in the tuning of the network
    connections to maximize response and throughput of data.                                        

Workstations - These are the machines sitting on or under desks all over the world. 
They can range from mind numbingly simple machines for typing letters and answering
E-Mails to something that rivals the dedicated gamers power toy at home.  You know
your business better than anyone.  The success or failure of your business depends on
you making the right choices when acquiring new Workstations.  We can help.

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