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   Personal Systems   

There are almost as many types of Personal Systems as there are persons. 
We'll list a few basic design philosophies and let your imagination and desires
complete the picture.  After you've thought about it a bit, use the Contact Us
page to tell us how we can help you.

  • The Surfer:  The lightest duty system we are ever called on to build.  It
    simply doesn't take a lot of power or features to surf the Internet and
    handle E-Mail.  The most demanding thing this system is likely to be
    asked to do is work a webcam so you can video conference with
    distant relatives, or play the video of little Nikki kicking the winning
    goal at Saturday's soccer game that just arrived in your E-Mail. 

  • The Home Office Grunter:  A mild step up from The Surfer.  Let's face
    it, word processing and spread sheet publication don't take a great
    deal of grunt to pull off.  However, given the likelihood that at some
    point the machine might have to deal with some 3D graphics, or even
    some CAD work, it does need to have a little more inside it than you'll
    need to surf the net.

  • The Household Controller:  With more and more household items
    arriving on the scene with network capabilities, a system that can
    control the lighting and the thermostat, lock and unlock doors, and
    keep track of your shopping list through the interactive refrigerator
    takes some real specialized knowledge and understanding to build
    right.  But, don't worry, we've got you covered.

  • The Assistant:  Arthritis, Macular Degeneration, Paralysis, and a great
    many of the other conditions and diseases that can invade or afflict
    the human body are no reason to give up your computer.  Through
    custom design and specialized knowledge and understanding, we're able
    to give you back the many wonders of computing.

  • The Multimedia Center:  The muscle car of the computer world.  It
    takes some real processor power, a pile of memory and a couple
    of Hulk size hard drives to pull off serious audio and video editing. 
    And, if that's all it took, it still wouldn't be a big deal, but that's not all. 
    If you've got plans of being the next Spielberg or Jones, you also
    need a specialized video system and an uncompromising audio system
    to produce those awesome goodies you've got in mind.  And, unless
    you plan on dragging everyone into your computer room, you'll need
    something to put your goodies on, like a CD or DVD burner.  YouTube,

  • The Ultimate Gamer:   If the multimedia machine is the muscle car, this
    is the space shuttle.  Nothing puts more stress or demand on a system
    than today's games.  They take power.  Nuclear reactor power.  Total
    solar output power.  Not to mention a bucket-load of storage space,
    a hemi powered video card, or group of cards, multi-channel surround
    sound with chair rumbling bass, superior cooling, and a mouse and
    keyboard that would rather stay home than slow you down.

  • The Family Focus:  This is generally the toughest system to spec out
    and build.  Most times it must play the role of all the other systems we
    list, combined.  The typical family will need a computer for home office
    and/or school work, to manage the household, surf the Internet and
    send E-Mail to family and friends, to play the latest game titles and
    possibly take on the role of full multimedia production.  It's the "know-it-all"
    cousin everyone hates to love, but does.        

  • The Home Server:  With ever growing collections of music, clips, pictures,
    home movies, rips, and a plethora of other things being shared on and
    replicated to all the systems of the home, a home server makes more
    sense than we'd ever have dreamed just a few years ago.  And, if you've
    ever experienced the loss of a failed hard drive on your personal toy,
    you know the necessity of regular backups, the secondary, and perhaps
    most important role of the home server.  Specialized software, some real
    security, and a freight cars worth of storage are the orders of the day
    for this increasingly necessary tool of the household.


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