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On-Site or In-Shop, We've Got You Covered.

  • Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal - You either didn't know about these
    hazards of modern computing, or thought you were protected, but either
    way, you've still managed to get a horde of them on your system.  Give
    us a call and we'll exterminate them.

  • Data Recovery - In most cases, your crashed hard drive or memory card
    still contains the data you thought you'd lost forever.  If it does, in nearly
    every case, we can get it back.

  • Troubleshooting - Every complex system develops problems over time. 
    The problems start as seemingly insignificant annoyances, but over time,
    they combine and grow.  We help you find and eliminate those little
    problems before they become big ones. 

  • The Awwww !@#%@!#)% Moment - You walked in, punched the
    button and nothing happened, or those previously insignificant
    problems have snowballed into significant ones, we're just a phone
    call away.  

  • Network Design - Building an efficient network is both a science and an
    art.  The people of SCS have been building networks dating back to the
    days of the 300 baud modem, and before.  We've got the experience
    and the knowledge to help you build a safe, strong and well balanced

  • Network Installation/Implementation - The C Cubed of networks,
    Cabling, Connection and Configuration.  Every network depends on it.

  • Security - Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and Hackers are
    among the seemingly never ending challenges to everyone from the home
    user to the Fortune 500 executive.  A well designed and implemented
    security system is essential in today's world.

  • Secure Connectivity - Most businesses simply can't function without a
    connection to the outside world.  Unfortunately, just hooking up to the
    Internet can do more harm to your business than all of your competitors
    combined.  You need someone with the knowledge and experience to
    get you connected, without getting you gigged.

  • Maintenance Contracts - A computer is nothing more than a high-tech
    machine.  And, like all machines, they must be maintained.  You wouldn't
    think of driving your car for a year without changing the oil or checking
    the tires.  Just as not performing basic maintenance on your vehicle can
    cause premature failure of components, it can cause premature failure of
    your computer's components too. 

  • Upgrades - In many cases, it's not necessary to buy a whole new system
    to get the latest features, it's just a matter of making some upgrades. 
    We can help.

With More Than 30 Years Of Computing Experience,
You Couldn't Be In Better Hands!

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